Keeping your Parked Car Cool in the Summer Heat

summer heat

The arrival of summer brings with it picnics, BBQs, ball games, family trips and HEAT. Your vehicle spends more time parked than running, which means it spends a lot of time in the summer heat. Before you get hit by a muggy wave of hot air, here are five tips for keeping your vehicle cool


car cleaning

It’s officially springtime in Wisconsin, which means it’s time to start your spring cleaning. This year, don’t forget about your vehicle! Follow these three car cleaning steps to get your vehicle looking good this season: Step 1: Scrub the exterior. Road salt and various other contaminants from the wintertime can damage your vehicle’s paint, so

Oil Loss Prevention

Oil loss will be experienced by a significant percentage of vehicles at some point in their lifespan. More often than not it comes in the form of small drips and minor leaks that can be prevented, but in some cases oil leaks require immediate attention from an ASE-Certified Technician. An improperly sealed drain bolt is

Maintenance You Might Need This Spring


Spring is here with beautiful sunny days and unpredictable rain storms. Hopefully the harsh winter weather is over, but has it taken a toll on your vehicle? Consider these five maintenance services to keep your family safe in the changing Outagamie County weather. Alignment. If your vehicle is pulling to one side or another, your

Show Your Car Some Love This Month!

car care

February is the most romantic month of the year so what better time to show your vehicle some love? Here are a few car care tips to keep in mind this month to make sure your family vehicle knows how important it is to you: Check Your Air Filter Your vehicle’s air filter keeps harmful

Car Owner Resolutions for 2019


Now that a new year has arrived, people all around the country are setting their resolutions to improve their physical well-being, finances, mental health and so on. But what about resolving to care more for your vehicle? Here are five maintenance-related things you can do in 2019 to help improve your vehicle’s health and make

Prevent Corrosion from Road Salt this Winter

road salt

Winter roads in Outagamie County can be messy. We’ve got ice, snow, road salt – all the elements to deal with you can imagine, we get them… As such, keeping your vehicle clean at this time of year can seem like a daunting task to say the least. As we all know, salt is used

Be Car Care Aware!

car care

In addition to being the month of playoff baseball and trick-or-treating, October is also National Fall Car Care Month in the United States. According to AAA, over one-third of American car owners neglect their vehicle’s maintenance needs, ultimately leading to breakdowns and headaches galore. Simply keeping a regular maintenance and inspection schedule can prevent your

Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Back-to-School Season

back-to-school season

It’s September which means that temperatures are cooling down, pennant races are heating up and back-to-school season is in full swing! When you’re balancing work and school schedules, you rely on your vehicle to get you safely to where you need to be every day. A reliable vehicle can make the difference between a chaotic

Late-Summer Car Care Tips

There may only be a few weeks left in the Summer of 2018 but that’s still plenty of time to get out and enjoy the good weather! While you’re making the most out of your August, you may want to consider taking some time to make sure your vehicle’s maintenance is up-to-date. Most people tend