Improve Your Gas Mileage This Summer!

gas mileage

Summer is definitely in full-swing here in Wisconsin! But while we’re all enjoying the warm weather and spending more time outdoors, the hottest season of the year can also wreak havoc on your vehicle’s gas mileage. Here are a few tips on how to avoid racking up extra fuel costs when you’re on the road

Keep It Cool

air conditioning

As temperatures continue to rise this month and we head towards summertime here in Outagamie County, you’ll most likely be using your air conditioning system more and more in order to stay comfortable while you’re driving. The one thing you DON’T want to experience this spring/summer is discomfort at the hands of a faulty a/c

April Car Care Tips

car care

April is National Car Care Month in the United States, with the Car Care Council encouraging drivers from coast-to-coast to take some time to assess the health of their vehicle(s). Not only does making sure your vehicle is in good shape ensure your family’s safety, it also keeps your vehicle’s re-sale value high and helps

Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

While you’re cleaning your house, office or cottage this month, don’t forget about your family vehicle! Here are a few quick tips for making sure your car is looking spiffy as we head into spring here in Greenville: WHEELS Your tires and rims have a tendency to collect unsightly elements like sand, mud and salt

Timing Belt Replacement FAQ

timing belt

What is the timing belt? The timing belt is a rubber belt that runs through the engine in your vehicle. The belt is smooth on one side with rubber teeth on the other. These teeth engage with gears on a pulley system to move through the engine and precisely control the motion of components in

Why Car Maintenance Should be Your New Year’s Resolution

Now that a new year has arrived, people in Wisconsin and all around the country are setting their resolutions to improve their physical well-being, financial standing, mental health and so on. But what about resolving to care more for your vehicle by setting up a preventative maintenance schedule? Here are a few reasons why you

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Traffic

Late-December usually has several of the busiest travel days of the year. When you add that level of traffic volume with the element of unpredictable weather/road conditions like we tend to get here in Wisconsin, your holiday trips can get stressful in a hurry. Before you embark upon your holiday trek this year, it’s a

Holiday Road Trip Tips

road trip

Can you believe it? The Holiday Season is here! Before you pack up the car and head over the river and through the woods to visit family, here are some tips to help you stay safe on your holiday road trip(s). Map out your trip in advance. We’re all dependent on our GPS these days

Eight Tips to Prepare for Winter Driving


The change from fall to winter in Wisconsin is one that often happens overnight. A lovely, warm fall day can be followed by a snowstorm without much warning. Warm weather followed by snow, followed again by the sun melting the snow… Greenville drivers should be prepared for anything as soon as the calendar moves from

Three Fluids to Check this Month


In order to run smoothly, your vehicle’s engine is dependent upon countless moving parts and fluids. Since there are so many components and liquids to keep track of, it’s best to have a proactive maintenance schedule in place which includes everything that can potentially wear out or need to be replaced in your vehicle. With