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New Car Fact Check

As the calendar turns from summer to fall, car dealerships tend to ramp up their advertising efforts to try and unload a given year’s model. Sometimes, these ad campaigns will make grandiose claims that may seem tempting to a car owner, always remember that the cost of a new car is ALWAYS HIGHER than maintaining… Read More »

Wax Vs Polish Your Car – Which Is Better

It is extremely important to keep the exterior of your car in good shape, and vehicle wax and polish products are some of the best ways to protect it and keep it looking great. However, there are subtle differences between the two and more to it to decide which is better for your car exterior.… Read More »

What To Do If Your Car Catches On Fire

Seeing smoke pour out from under your hood can be a scary thing to witness. If this happens, it’s important to remember to stay calm and to have a plan of action. What To Do First The first thing to do is determine if it’s smoke or steam that is coming from your engine. In… Read More »

Spring Maintenance for your Vehicle

As seasons change and temperatures swing, it is the perfect time to review the spring maintenance requirements for your vehicle. Different seasons put different demands on your vehicle. Now that winter is coming to an end, it is time to prepare for spring conditions and road trips! April showers bring May flowers. For your vehicle,… Read More »

Does it feel like Groundhog Day for your car?

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character keeps waking up on the same day, over and over. Does it feel the same with your vehicle? If you’ve ever said to yourself, “it seems like I just had that changed,” this article is for you! The fluids in your vehicle are more than just a… Read More »

Mark your Car Care Calendar

As you’re marking your calendar for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to review the maintenance schedule for your vehicle! Take a few minutes to add reminders into your calendar for your routine car care. Staying on top of preventative maintenance is THE BEST thing you can do for your vehicle – by… Read More »

Gift Ideas for your Vehicle

The holiday season is here, and many of us are scrambling for gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for a passionate gear head or just trying to make your daily commute safer and smoother, here are four gift ideas for your car: 1. Bluetooth Cassette Adapter – While keeping an older car can help you save… Read More »

Say “Thank you” to your Vehicle!

This month, we wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You.” At Meister Import Motors, it’s more than just car repair. Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to taking care of you, your family, and the vehicle you rely on. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for maintenance, our car care… Read More »

October is National Car Care Month!

Twice a year the Car Care Council hosts National Car Care Month, once in April and once in October. This event was created to encourage people to learn more about their vehicles. A car, on average, is the second biggest investment (next to a house) people can make. Taking care of this investment can save… Read More »