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Spring Maintenance for your Vehicle

As seasons change and temperatures swing, it is the perfect time to review the spring maintenance requirements for your vehicle. Different seasons put different demands on your vehicle. Now that winter is coming to an end, it is time to prepare for spring conditions and road trips! April showers bring May flowers. For your vehicle,… Read More »

Does it feel like Groundhog Day for your car?

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character keeps waking up on the same day, over and over. Does it feel the same with your vehicle? If you’ve ever said to yourself, “it seems like I just had that changed,” this article is for you! The fluids in your vehicle are more than just a… Read More »

Mark your Car Care Calendar

As you’re marking your calendar for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to review the maintenance schedule for your vehicle! Take a few minutes to add reminders into your calendar for your routine car care. Staying on top of preventative maintenance is THE BEST thing you can do for your vehicle – by… Read More »

Gift Ideas for your Vehicle

The holiday season is here, and many of us are scrambling for gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for a passionate gear head or just trying to make your daily commute safer and smoother, here are four gift ideas for your car: 1. Bluetooth Cassette Adapter – While keeping an older car can help you save… Read More »

Say “Thank you” to your Vehicle!

This month, we wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You.” At Meister Import Motors, it’s more than just car repair. Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to taking care of you, your family, and the vehicle you rely on. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for maintenance, our car care… Read More »

October is National Car Care Month!

Twice a year the Car Care Council hosts National Car Care Month, once in April and once in October. This event was created to encourage people to learn more about their vehicles. A car, on average, is the second biggest investment (next to a house) people can make. Taking care of this investment can save… Read More »

Headlight Cleaning and Brighter Bulbs

As fall days get shorter, drivers spend more time driving on dark roads where visibility can be poor. Before the short winter days are here, make sure you’ll be able to see and stay safe on the roads by checking your headlights! Headlight Bulbs When it comes to picking bulbs for your headlights, many drivers… Read More »

Three Basic Car Checks at Home

As schools are starting across Greenville, the team of certified technicians at our auto repair shop wanted to provide a quick car care course for you! 1. Visual check. Walk around the car and do a quick visual inspection. Check that your lights are working – you can’t see if a taillight is out while… Read More »

Intelligent Braking Systems

Brake systems are becoming more efficient and intelligent, but that does not mean you can ignore them and hope they will work for you when you need them most. New “Intelligent” braking systems have been in development the last 10 years, to both warn of an imminent crash and to apply brakes (if the driver… Read More »